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Notwithstanding any provision to the contrary, any school operated under T.C.A. 62-3-123 may 
develop course of instruction and practice incorporating an apprenticeship curriculum, which allows 
an applicant to obtain fifty percent (50%) of the required hours for a specific license through 
classroom instruction and fifty percent (50%) of the required hours under the direct supervision 
and responsible charge of a licensed professional who meets the requirements set forth in this 
rule. Supervision hours received may not be used for credit for more than fifty percent (50%) of 
the required hours in any instruction subcategory (General, Chemical, or Physical).


History and fundamentals of barbering, elementary chemistry relating to sterilization, bacteriology 
and hygiene, barber implements, shaving, skin, scalp, and hair; haircutting, hairstyling, and hair 
setting; hairpieces- (sales & services); chemical theory; manicure and nail care; anatomy, 
physiology and systems structure of the head , face and neck, including muscles and nerves; makeup 
and skin care; theory of massage and facial treatment; disorders of the skin, scalp, and hair; 
barber law, rules and regulations; business management and salesmanship; preparation for seeking 


Permanent waving; hair relaxer, hair coloring, bleaching and toning; manicures


Shampooing and rinses; hair care and scalp care; haircutting (male and female); shaving (beards and 
mustaches); hairpiece-fitting, hairstyling; facials and makeup; manicures

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   Hunt's Apprentice Description

The H.B.A.’s Apprenticeship program was designed by Master Barber & social media influencer, Brannon Hunt,
also known as “Huntdabarber”. The innovative curriculum was created with the intention to capture the attention
of today’s preoccupied youth to ensure the completion of the program and future success as a Master Barber.
The apprenticeship is an accelerated barber program that covers both theory and practical study in a look and
learn style classroom setting. 750 hours will be done in the  classroom at H.B.A. After completing 750 classroom hours the student must test and score 70 or above to start their practical hours. H.B.A has a list of responsible charge of  licensed professional who meets the requirements set forth in this rule. Student Apprentice will get hour sheets each week to take to their assigned workplace. Hour sheets should be signed by their responsible licensed professional, and emailed to or brought to H.B.A each Sunday before 7pm.  All students must wear a nametag. 

Upon completion of our course, the graduate will:
1. Be prepared to take the theory portion of the Barbers exam.
2. Be paired with a supervising licensed professional for the second half of their apprenticeship.

The Barber Apprentice Tuition cost is $5,000. Each program requires a deposit of $2000 and a $100 registration
fee. Monthly payments are to be made on the 1st of each month. There is a late fee of $25/ day for each payment
schedule. If student’s tuition payment is missed and not paid with-in 2 weeks, they will be dropped from the
program. If the student does not complete the required hours of training by the end date of the contract, he/she
will be charged $10.00 per hour for each additional instruction needed to complete the course.

  Apprentice Tuition


Admission Requirement
Person desiring to make application for admission should contact the school directly.

For admission the applicant must
• Be 17 years of age or older
• 10th grade education or equivalent
The following documents are required to be provided for enrollment
• Social Security Card
• A copy of a photo ID: Driver’s License, or ID Card, or Birth Certificate or Passport
• Proof of High School or Equivalent

Course Completion

Completion of Course Work
Each student will be given a contracted length for completion of the amount of time required for each course at
the beginning of training. If the student does not complete the required hours of training by the end date of the
contract, he/she will be charged $10.00 per hour for each additional instruction needed to complete the course.
The total must be paid in full, addition to the re-entry fee, if owed, before student begins the completion of the
Graduation Requirements
In order to graduate from the program, and to receive a Certificate of Completion, students must successfully
complete the required number of clock hours as specified on the agreement, maintain a satisfactory attendance
record throughout the course, achieve a final grade of “C” or higher, pass all written and practical examinations
and decide to meet all financial obligations to the school.
State Board Licensing Requirements
Graduate must have met all financial obligations or made suitable arrangements to Hunts Barber Academy and
successfully satisfy all education and examination requirements of the applicable school and the Tennessee State
Board of Cosmetology and Barber Examiners, register for and pass the State Board final written and practical
examination with a minimum score of 70% and apply and pay for a certificate of registration as a Master Barber.

  Apprentice Attendance

An attendance schedule is established for each student on the first day of enrollment. The schedule can be
changed subject to student’s request in writing and approval by the School Administrators. Students are
expected to attend school each week for the number of hours required for designated program. Barber
apprentices must attend a minimum of 30 hours weekly (for 25 weeks).

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