Full Time Course Curriculum

The fifteen hundred (1,500) hours of training are required of applicants for a certificate of registration as a master barber with at least one (1) hour of theory class per day. The hours shall be apportioned as follows:




240 hours 

History and fundamentals of barbering
Elementary chemistry relating to sterilization, sanitation, bacteriology, and hygiene Barber implements

Skin, scalp and hair
Haircutting, hairstyling and hair setting
Hairpieces – (sales) and service)
Chemical theory (permanent waving, hair coloring, bleaching and straightening)Manicure and nail care
Anatomy, physiology and systems structure of the head, face and neck, including muscles and nerves Makeup and skin care Theory of massage and facial treatment
Disorders of the skin, scalp and hair
Barber law, rules and regulations
Business management and salesmanship
Preparation for seeking employment




.360 hours Permanent Waving
Hair relaxers
Hair coloring, bleaching and toning





900 hours Shampooing and rinses
Hair care and scalp care
Haircutting (male and female)

Shaving (beards and mustaches) Hairpiece-fitting
Facials and makeup






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